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Mountain Top Bed Divider


The Mountain Top Bed Divider is a simple but highly convenient cargo organizing system that makes your everyday life a little easier. It divides your cargo area into two compartments where you can keep your groceries, tools, luggage and other items preventing them from sliding to the front making them difficult to reach or causing damages.

The Bed Divider is fitted in the integrated C-channel system available for certain pickup brands. It slides back and forth and locks in multiple positions operated by the handwheel and it can be removed easily or stoved away at the front of the bed when not in use.

The Bed Divider is made of strong and lightweight aluminium profiles with a tough 4mm plate at the center.

The quality of the Bed Divider meets the high standards set by the automotive industry and is supplied as original equipment to several pickup brands.



BD 01

Lightweight, heavy duty aluminium cargo organizing system

BD 02

Easy non-drill installation

BD 03

Compatible with Mercedes, Nissan and Renault C-Channel system

BD 05

Compatible with Mountain Top Roll and other Mountain Top tonneau covers

BD 04

Multiple lock/rest positions

BD 06

Keeps your goods in the right place